JJ Fuds Joystick Beef Chews

3ft of natural beef chewing pleasure

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3ft of natural beef chewing pleasure for your dog.

These sticks break easily into smaller sections, for dogs the size of a maltese to a great dane.

J.J. Fud’s Inc. is owned and operated by the Gottschlich Family of Valparaiso, Indiana. For years, J.J. Fud’s produced high quality luncheon meats and sausages under U.S.D.A. inspection at our plant in Valparaiso. Together, our family has a combined experience of over 100 years in the meat business both in Europe and the United States. When we decided to enter the pet food industry, we determined that we would use the same high standards of quality and sanitation to produce food for your pets and present our product to you without all the fony adjectives and bogus claims so prevelant in the pet food industry.

All our raw meat and natural bones come from U.S.D.A. inspected plants and are shipped to us under refrigeration as fresh as possible. Our natural hickory smoked treats are truly hickory smoked in our stainless steel smokehouses, the same as we used in the production of our fine salamis, smoked hams and a list of about 90 other fine products we products we produced for human consumption. To our knowledge, J.J. Fud’s Inc is the only pet food company in the U.S. headed by a German trained and certified master sausage maker, who passed on his knowledge to his sons. We are truly the meat experts.


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