About Us

Hello, I’m Sandy Chiz, the current owner of Gotta Go Natural Pets. I bought the business from Trish Woodier in March 2016. Trish and Gotta Go Natural Pets had been my dog food supplier for a number of years and I’d come to rely on Gotta Go Natural Pets as my source for great, healthy food for my dogs. Trish was giving up the business to move out of state and I couldn’t just let her close Gotta Go Natural Pets, so I bought it from her.

Trish is also my friend and extremely knowledgeable about pet issues. I have been so fortunate to be able to call, email or text Trish with pet health or pet food related questions. I have 5 dogs and would have 100 more if I could. I love cats too, but my husband is highly allergic, so we can’t have any cats.

I work full time elsewhere, but have been able to help answer questions and arrange deliveries of Gotta Go Natural Pets’ great products to all of our clients. I lost a few clients when I took over the business, but I have been lucky to add more pet lovers to my amazingly loyal existing clients.

Trish began Gotta Go Natural Pets to bring healthy pet food and supplies to the pet lovers around her and I have been lucky enough to continue what she started.