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Natural Pet Food and Supplements in Kankakee, IL

If your pet is an important part of your family, let Gotta Go Pets take care of your pet’s food with natural, holistic, healthy products. Gotta Go Pets only sells the best of dog and cat food and treats, including natural supplements and raw treats and food in Kankakee, Illinois. Your canine or feline was meant to eat meat (just look at their teeth!), so why would you feed it grain foods it would never eat naturally? Gotta Go Pets gives you healthy, organic, raw, and grain-free options for pet food for dogs and cats. We also offer weekly delivery to the Kankakee area.

Gotta Go Pets only sells the best organic and natural pet products and supplements in Kankakee. Our natural supplements, when used as directed, can help increase your pet’s quality of life by preventing or treating some chronic conditions. Natural supplements can eliminate the need for harsh drugs for your cat or dog, though we always recommend consulting your holistic veterinarian before treating any serious condition your pet may have. Our natural supplements are the highest quality and we have supplements for both cats and dogs. Our supplements qualify for free local delivery in Kankakee, so with free delivery and healthy pet supplements, you can’t go wrong.

For dogs, our natural supplements include Wholistic Digest All Plus™, a natural blend of enzymes and probiotics for digestive health, and Overby Farms Hip Flex products, with tart cherry concentrate as the active ingredient for pet joint health. For a healthy cat and dog, we offer Grizzly Salmon oil supplements, which help your pet’s skin, fur, and heart. Other supplements include Petzlife natural oral care sprays and gels, which kill bacteria and clean pet teeth by removing plaque and tartar without a toothbrush. If you need healthy, natural, and holistic supplements for your pet, look no further than Gotta Go Pets in Kankakee, or order online for free supplement delivery.

Gotta Go Pets also sells the best natural cat and dog food in Kankakee, Illinios. Our canine food includes dry dog food, canned dog food, organic food, and frozen dog food and treats. Our canned food is natural, healthy, and grain-free, and we offer dry dog food that is corn and wheat free. Our frozen dog food includes Northwest Naturals™ Inc. frozen lamb nuggets, which are grain-free and natural, and fresh raw beef marrow bones. The marrow bones are purchased from a local farmer and then frozen raw, so your canine can enjoy the raw meat and bones the way he or she is supposed to. Whether you choose to feed your dog dry food, canned food, or frozen food, you can be assured that Gotta Go Pets sells only the best organic, grain-free, healthy dog food in Kankakee for a holistic diet for your canine.

For feline friends in Kankakee, we carry dry cat food, frozen cat food, organic food, and canned cat food, as well as healthy feline treats. Our dry cat food comes in many varieties, including with fish and poultry ingredients and grain-free options. Dry cat foods also contain the best natural supplements, so your feline receives a fully balanced and holistic meal. Our canned cat food is natural, grain-free, and completely balanced for a holistic feline diet. We have healthy cat food for kittens, adult cats, and overweight cats, so we have something for everyone in Kankakee.

We also sell Nature’s Variety Instinct holistic frozen cat and dog diets. These are frozen diets are raw, holistic, completely grain-free, and can be fed to both felines and canines. Bravo! Balance premium turkey, chicken, and beef are also frozen cat meals that are grain-free, raw, and human-grade. Organic, raw food diets are incredibly healthy for cats as they are completely balanced, grain-free, holistic, and easily digestible by cats. Although humans shouldn’t eat raw meat, cats’ digestive systems are specially designed to digest raw meat.

Gotta Go Pets also sells and offers free local delivery on holistic, organic feline and canine treats in Kankakee. Healthy feline treats include Zukes Natural Purrz treats for cats. These soft, natural cat treats are grain-free and come in the chicken and salmon flavors felines love best. Healthy and organic canine treats include PureBites Chicken Breast treats, which are pure, USDA inspected chicken breast, and J.J. Fuds Joysticks in beef and chicken. J.J. Fuds is family owned and operated, and their canine chew treats can be broken into small sizes for toy or miniature sized canines, or left to their 3-foot length for larger canines that love chew treats.

If it isn’t enough that Gotta Go Pets offers the best in healthy feline and canine treats, organic pet food, holistic supplements and raw, grain-free treats, we also offer free local delivery to the Kankakee area. Our local delivery is applicable for pet treats and supplements, and we offer several payment plans with delivery for customers who don’t want to pay with a credit card. We are proud to offer local delivery to our customers, loyal and new. At Gotta Go Pets, we love our pets and know you love yours too. Give your canine or feline what they deserve with natural supplements, organic, grain-free food, raw treats, and free local delivery in Kankakee, Illinois.