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How to Avoid a Dental Part 1 - Intro

  • Written by Gotta Go Pets
  • 30 Apr

Today is the day we start our series/experiment on helping our pet's dental health and avoiding going under for a dental at the vet.
Meet King! At nine years old, he is our older dane. When we rescued King just about two years ago, he came to us a mess. Severely underweight, horrible yeast and bacterial ear infections, and yeasty skin to name a few. We got all of that cleared up, but his years of neglect has taken a toll on his dental health and I want to get his mouth in MUCH better shape then it is now.

Here are the items I am going to be using.  


dog dental health products

The first item is a raw marrow bone, best toothbrush ever.   I will be giving King a bone at least once a week.   The next two items are made by Petzlife.   The first one is their oral care gel and the second item from Petzlife is their oral care spray.    The last product we will be using is from Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals.   It's a hemopathic rememdy for Canines called Better Breath, Teeth and Gums.    Along with these products I will be using some gauze squares you can pick up from any drug store along with a soft bristle tooth brush.   

OKay ready for some pictures?   I have to admit, I didn't realize his teeth and gums had gotten this bad.  The gums are very inflammed and tonight when I cleaned his teeth his gums bled quite a bit.   After seeing how sore his gums are I decided I am going to add one more item to his treatment.    It's called Raw Manuka Honey.   It's has to be Manuka honey not regular honey.  Manuka Honey has antibacterial properties which will help with preventing infection.   These pictures were taken before I did his first cleaning tonight.   

As you can see his gums are quite inflammed.    


This back tooth is quite nasty!


A better look at what we are dealing with and also to see some of King's cuteness show.

Check back soon to watch a cleaning session!