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Newsletter Spring 2014

  • Written by Gotta Go Pets
  • 14 Apr

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Don't for get your Pooches on Easter!!!

They would love one of our Easter Baskets, packs or just a can of Easter Feast Grain free Canned food.

tax day

Happy Tax Day!

To celebrate tax day, we are offering 15% off the item of your choice through April 16th.    Can't find what you are looking for on our website?   No problem!   Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to get it in.    We can pretty much get any dog or cat food, treats and supplements you are shopping for.    If you have never ordered from us, good news!   You will get 5% off your entire order in addition to the 15% off one item.    We are always here to help direct you in the right direction for the best food, treats and supplements to keep your pets in the best health possible!

To take advantage of this offer fill out the contact form with the product you'd like to apply the discount to in the message section and we'll send a coupon code back to you to be applied at checkout.

running dog

Spring is Here!

Boy, they can run fast, can't they?! Now with the nicer weather slowly happening, our furry friends want to run and we want to see them run and have fun but WAIT, STOP! Read this before letting your pooches take off running.

This has been a brutal winter. Most of our dogs had to spend months inside the house getting very little activity. It was bitter cold and we had record breaking amounts of snow. This meant cuddling up by a fire or under a blanket then maybe an occasional walk but usually a quick potty break, then back under the blankets!

Each Spring I always caution about reintroducing running or even walks to our dogs slowly, but this year, I can't stress it enough! Muscles have atrophied, joints have not been used and well let's face it a few extra pounds might have been gained... all of these put a lot of stress on those joint and they are wide open for injury!
So please, to prevent injuries, start with leisurely walks and work your way up to longer walks, chasing the ball or going for a jog!

hipflex jointlevel 3 150x200

Joint Support - We just LOVE joint support. We believe it's a must for dogs especially large and giant breed dogs, older dogs, dogs that have joint issues or are prone to joint issues, dogs that have had joint surgeries and basically all dogs that you want to keep their joints happy and healthy!
Our favorite joint support is Overby Farms Hip Flex Level 3. It has all the ingredients you want in a joint support including: Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid, Omega 3 and Omega 6 PLUS it has Tart Cherries in it!
Tart Cherries are amazing at reducing inflammation which causes pain. It's a natural pain reliever with NO side effects.
Give your pooch the gift of happy joints with Overby Farms Hip Flex 3

How to Avoid a Dental Part 2 - The Products

  • Written by Gotta Go Pets
  • 02 May

Hi Everyone!

Today's video shows what products we are using on King. We are using a total of 4 different products. The reason we are using so many on King is because as you could see from the last video his teeth and gums are in bad shape. So I am going all out to get them in better shape so I don't have to have him go under for a dental. We are on day 4 and I'm happy to say I can already see some improvements in his gums.

The next post I will begin to show you the techniques I am using on King. I don't think King is enjoying all the extra dental treatments but he is sure being a trooper for us!


How to Avoid a Dental Part 1 - Intro

  • Written by Gotta Go Pets
  • 30 Apr

Today is the day we start our series/experiment on helping our pet's dental health and avoiding going under for a dental at the vet.
Meet King! At nine years old, he is our older dane. When we rescued King just about two years ago, he came to us a mess. Severely underweight, horrible yeast and bacterial ear infections, and yeasty skin to name a few. We got all of that cleared up, but his years of neglect has taken a toll on his dental health and I want to get his mouth in MUCH better shape then it is now.

Here are the items I am going to be using.  

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Hip Dysplasia in Pets

  • Written by Gotta Go Pets
  • 03 Dec
Hip Dysplasia in Pets

Charlie, a Great Dane, was diagnosed at 11 months old with severe hip dysplasia. We got Charlie at 6 weeks old and he had parvo, a dangerous virus for canines, and almost died. We got him through that but as he was growing I could tell something was very wrong. He would have a lot of trouble getting up from a laying position and acted like he was an old dog at just a few months old. When he was 11 months I took him in to get fixed and ask the vet to take x-rays of his hips while he was under because I thought something was going on with his hips. Sadly, I was right.

When I came to pick up Charlie the vet showed me the x-rays. He described Charlie as having severe hip dysplasia with both hips equally bad. He said with Charlie's size and the fact that he was still growing it would get very bad. All the vet could say was, "I'm really sorry." My heart sank. I thought, "He is bad now, this is only going to get worse and he isn't even one year old yet!" I immediately called my wholistic vet, Dr. Karen Becker, to set up an appointment to see what I could do to help Charlie.

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